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The Bees believe you have to make your own luck!










Why are people afraid of killer bees? Is it because they swarm frequently? Deploy in great numbers? Guard the hive aggressively? Pursue perceived threats? Instinctively are defensive? Or is it solely because of their name, killer bees?

All of the above.

But why does it matter? Have they suddenly migrated into Wisconsin?


The Franklin Killer Bees have been spotted throughout Wisconsin since 2009 with sightings in Eagle, Waukesha, Hales Corners, Stevens Point, Richfield, Wind Lake, Franklin, Bristol, Beloit and beyond. They've even been spotted in such places as the Quad Cities of Iowa; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Cooperstown, New York; Omaha, Nebraska and several cities in Illinois.

Rumor has it they will be back in 2014. And, like their name, the Franklin Killer Bees, will live up to their behavioral traits. They will swarm the field, deploying as a team. They will guard the lead aggressively and pursue enemy threats. They will also strategically and defensively guard the plate. Why? To win.

So be on the look out this year for the Franklin Killer Bees. If you see them be careful. You never know when they'll strike.


FKB Looking for a U14 Player

If you or someone you know is interested in playing competitive baseball then consider the Franklin Killer Bees.


Why play for the Bees?

  • 50+ games each season
  • Multiple, well organized practices each week, improving both skills and tactical knowledge
  • The "Hive." Our own field for games and practices. No scheduling surprises
  • Indoor practice during winter months
  • Top level Local, Regional and National tournaments
  • A great group of families, with a common goal
  • Our motto: Good boys, Good families, Good players. It works.
  • Proven success on and off the field.


If interested, please contact Coach Steve at steve@single-source-inc.com.


Community Service Support

Do you have gently used sporting equipment that no longer fits or doesn't get played with? Consider donating it to the FKBs for La Casa de Esperanza's Summer Youth Program. For more information or to make a donation, please contact Coach Max at jmcgee19@att.net.


How Can You Partner With The Bees?

Looking to get exposure for your business? Do you love youth baseball and want to support it? Is there a connection to the Bees? If you'd like information about sponsorships or making a donation to the team, please visit the Sponsors page of our site. Thank you for your consideration.


This Week in Baseball

Beginning on Friday, August 1, 2014, the Bees will play in their last tournament of the U14 season. Look for them at the 16th Annual 2014 Milwaukee Open Baseball Tournament presented by the Wisconsin Umpires Association.